Race Results

the race has been over for over 9 hours. whare are the results?
# Posted By pete | 8/18/07 3:10 PM
did they race??? the weather was BAD, if you check he MW observatory site.....
# Posted By Peter | 8/18/07 8:07 PM
Looks like they did not race because of the weather. Hopefully they will update the information soon.
# Posted By Swanpix | 8/18/07 8:25 PM
this race has the worst pr of any race i have seen-next to impossible to find out inf
you would think for all the $$$$ they get they could have someone put hourly updates on race day
# Posted By tom | 8/19/07 7:34 AM
Read all about it....
# Posted By Bill | 8/19/07 9:59 AM
See ya next year!
# Posted By bob kennelly | 8/21/07 4:29 PM
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