About Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts are not pledges but is a gift that matches the sum amount that the racer has paid for entry. The "Matching Gift" forms from corporations require us to verify that we have received a gift. If we refund that amount to a racer, we have not received a gift. Our accountant has advised us that we cannot verify a gift and then return the money. A corporation can pledge an amount and that we can return to the racer.

Are donors eligible for a tax deduction?

Yes, Tin Mountain Conservation Center is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization. Tin Mountain Conservation Center's Tax ID is 02-0353541.

Our advice from the IRS indicates the following for racers:

1. The entire cost of registration is deductible as a charitable donation for all Hillclimb riders not in the Top Notch category.

2. All Hillclimb riders in the Top Notch category may deduct any registration amount over $150.

TMCC's opinion is not a substitute for advice from a qualified tax professional.

Get in FREE- Collect Pledges!

Off-set your entry fee by collecting Pledges.

Here's How: If you register at the $300 dollar level and collect pledges for $200 dollars TMCC will send you a check for $200. If you register at $300 and collect pledges for $300 TMCC will send you $300! Free entry fee!

First register online using your cc. After collecting your pledges, send TMCC your pledge checks & our pledge sheet and we send you a check. It's easy! TMCC thanks you for your support!

Please note: All Pledges must be in before the start of the race to be considered for prizes. No refunds will be issued unless pledges are received by September 1, 2008! TMCC will issue you a check up to the amount of your entry fee, but not to exceed the total amount of pledges raised.

A special prize will await the racer raising the most money, plus all racers contributing more than $500 in pledges will participate in a drawing for additional prizes.

Look for the download link below for your pledge sheet and find out more.

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