Official 2008 Race Results

Congratulations to everyone who raced this year!

The results are up!

Hey folks,

I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify something in the results that were just posted. My name is Robert Way and the results show that I won the Clydesdale Category. Back in February when I registered I easily qualified for this category based on my weight at the time, in my four previous rides of the hill climb I was in this category as well and actually got on the podium a couple times for it as well. I heavily concentrated on getting my weight down for this year's race and did so to the point that I came in almost 20 pounds lighter than I had in the past which put me 15 pounds under the qualifying weight for Clydesdale. I left a message with the race organizer early in the week before the race to try and get myself pulled out of the Clydesdale category for fear of skewing the results and taking a possible podium spot away from another deserving rider. Either because it was too late in the came to change my registration or just because of other logistics I didn't get pulled.

After the race I got to the base of the mountain and immediately headed home to New Jersey so I wasn't at the presentation to correct this on the podium. I wanted to clarify this because Eric Brandhorst, Tim Ahern, and Adam Holland should all be bumped up one position respectively to make up the Clydesdale podium which should look like the following;

1 103 1:19:07 1:12:16.5 Eric Brandhorst M 46 12 Carlisle MA

2 110 1:20:10 1:13:14.7 Tim Ahern M 46 542 Essex CT

3 119 1:15:15 1:14:14.3 Adam Holland M 36 32 Medford MA

I'd like to exentd my most sincere apologies for not checking on this and rectifying it before heading out and at the same time extend my congratulations to Eric, Tim, and Adam for their podium finishes.

Congratulations to all on another successful Hill Climb.

With all sincerity,

Robert Way

Holmdel, NJ

[email protected]
# Posted By Robert Way | 8/18/08 2:34 PM
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