Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb Jr. Scholarship Program

Each year, the Hillclimb has many Juniors participate in the "Most Challenging Hillclimb in the World". We recognize and applaud their efforts. At the 2005 Hillclimb, Tin Mountain Conservation Center announced the Jr. Scholarship Program. This program helps to off set the entry fee for Jr. Racers. If you are interested in the Scholarship, register for the race on-line when registration opens, and then follow the instructions to apply for the Jr. Scholarship. Your entry fee will be refunded upon approval of the application and when all pledges are received.

Jr's - Ages 0 -19 years (If you are 19 when you apply for the Scholarship , but turn 20 on or before race day - you are not a Jr.)

Each year , we will make four Scholarships available. - Scholarships are awarded on a first come first serve bases to Jr. Individual racers only. This Scholarship does not apply to Tandems.

Applying for the Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb Jr. Scholarship Program:

-Click on Jr. Scholarship Application from this web site

-Fill out the application (see Download link below)

-Fax or Mail your application to Tin Mountain Conservation Center by February 26, 2023

-The Scholarship value is half of the entry fee

-The entry fee is determined by the sell out price of the race.

If you are awarded the Scholarship - you must collect half of the entry fee through Pledges.

Your pledges will be due by June 1, 2023

Half of the entry fee collected in pledges does not enter your name in the Pledge Raffle Drawing

If you collect more pledges than required , you will then be entered in the Pledge Raffle Drawing.

Mailing Address:

Tin Mountain Conservation Center 1245 Bald Hill Road Albany, NH 03818

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