Racer's Letters-Mike Tierney

Tin Mountain Conservation Center Mt. Washington Bicycle Hillclimb

August 28, 2022


This letter is written to send you all a BIG HIGH FIVE for the fantastic Hillclimb event that I participated in last weekend. I was one of the three unicyclists that entered this year, and I want to personally thank all of you for the sincere respect that we were treated to. It was truly an honor to participate in such a legendary race.

I have to say that the whole event was done with noticeable professionalism and with precise organization. My travel from Colorado together with being in a unfamiliar setting, could have made for some uncomfortable moments for me, but from the moment I drove up to the auto road and saw the tents, start banner, etc, I had a profound feeling inside that put me at ease. The registration was easy and smooth sailing, the pre-race organization was simple, and the personal attention at the finish line had a nice touch to it; a nice warm blanket handed out by fellow EMT's. Lunch was awesome, and the awards went well. It is hard to go through all of those categories and still make it fun; the MC was very funny and entertaining. As well, he knew the sport and the participants, which helped me, stay focused and entertained.

I know that the unicycle division was somewhat new for you this year. Plus, there were three of us and I don't think all three of us signed up as unicyclist. That most likely led to the confusion for the podium session for us. With that said, being able to stand on top of the podium was a lifelong dream of mine. To not only win, at age 45, but also to break the old record by almost 34 minutes is something that I will never forget. Thank you for recognizing the unicyclist, I appreciate it!

Thank you all, I know that it must take hundreds of volunteers, for the excellent job you all performed at this year's 33 rd Mt. Washington Bicycle Hillclimb. I am grateful to have entered and been part of such an Epic event. I look forward to next year's race, and seeing all of you again. It showed that you all really love what you do for this race, thanks again.

Mike Tierney President Aspen Solar Inc. Aspen , Colorado New Record holder for Unicyclist 1:45min 2005'

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