Welcome to tinmtn.org

Why we are here

Hiking on a mountain, searching for bear claw marks or a porcupine den, wading in a cold brook, or feeling a frog’s skin: All are experiences readily available in the Mt. Washington Valley, yet they are foreign to many of our children. We find many local children discover them only through Tin Mountain Conservation Center programs.

Tin Mountain’s environmental education courses reach more than 2,000 children, Kindergarten through eighth grade, in our area schools. Funding for schools here is extremely tight; as a result local schools pay only about half the cost of our education programs. Bike race proceeds help fund the balance.

Always, Tin Mountain’s primary goal is to impart the enjoyment and appreciation of nature that we believe comes with spending time outdoors. We also provide children with an introduction to the natural sciences like geology, meteorology, astronomy, and more and hope that early exposure to these subjects sparks a lifetime curiosity about the world around them.