How To Choose The Right Material To Build Your Bike Rack

Bike racks are structures to which bicycles are securely fastened for parking reasons. Bike racks are usually free standing structures or may be affixed firmly to a permanent body which may be another structure entirely. Sometimes, they are however fixed on the ground. For private parking of bicycles, indoor bike racks are usually used while in commercial centers; outdoor bike racks are used.

Different styles are employed in the design of bike racks, and some of these styles are the inverted U style, the grid style, the Bollard style, the serpentine style and the decorative style. Because of the need for security, the most powerful bike racks can secure the frame and wheels of the bicycle with the aid of a bicycle lock.

Deciding to have a bike rack at home is an excellent home improvement project as it beautifies your home, especially the decorative style. Furthermore, a bike rack at home complements the comfort of owning a bike.

The discernibility of a bike rack, its proper layout from automobile parking and walking traffic are factors that affect the construction of bike racks. Climatic coverage and nearness to destinations are other factors that determine the usefulness of a bike rack thereby influencing the choice of construction. These forces also keep users assured on the level of security afforded to their bicycles whenever they park.

Constructing a bike rack at home depends on some factors and these are weather conditions, bicycle type, taste for luxury, availability of space and the amount of fund available.

Different types of materials are used for the construction of bike racks at home. The hardiness of building materials, alongside their ability to withstand adverse weather conditions, appearance, and usefulness of the materials are some of the important variables that considered when choosing materials to construct a bike rack.

Essential materials used for the construction of bike racks at home of are enumerated according to your friends who are the gutter Toronto specialists.

Your choice of what material to use in constructing your bike rack at home will determine what tools you will make use of.

Using stainless steel may require you to weld parts together. Wood requires nails and hammers and sometimes screws, depending on which one is more convenient, while recycled plastic requires something as cheap as tube glue

Aside from making bike racks at home, the choice of getting a bike rack at shops is also an option.

The various types of bike racks available in the market include:

1. CLUG Bike Wall Rack

CLUG is one of the smallest known bike racks and therefore saves space. The CLUG rack is available in various cool colors. The rack is mountable, modest and very robust. It is equipped to allow three different types of tire sizes which are; mountain bikes, hybrids, and road bikes. To install CLUG rack, a smart clip, which is plastic in nature is attached to the wall with the use of a nail or screw.

After installation, the bike is placed in the rack by clicking the wheel into the bracket, and the bike is mounted vertically or horizontally to the wall. With this, the rack saves space by making spaces available on ground useful for other purposes.

Advantages of CLUG

  • When compared to others, the CLUG rack is very easy to fix or install. It only requires knotting it to the wall with screw or nail.
  • It does not accommodate much space.
  • It allows the bike to be hanged on the wall either vertically or horizontally.
  • It makes the wall free of stains by not allowing the tire to touch the wall, and no screw is seen visible.
  • Hanging bicycle on CLUG is very easy.

2. Torrex Lift Bike Rack

If you desire to protect your bike from scratch, one of the best choice bike racks that can help in doing such is the Torrex Lift bike. Just like the CLUG, it is also space saving because it is attached to the wall. It is designed to suit places at homes like living rooms, garages.

After attaching Torrex to the ceiling with the supplied material, the bike is hooked to it, pulled high with an automatic rope brake, and your bike is secured. Spaces on the ground are left for other use.

Advantages Of Torrex

  • It is Appropriate for ceilings with height 4m and more.
  • The bike is protected from scratch with the used of rubber-coated hooks fastened to it.
  • It helps to guarantee the security of bikes.

3. Bike Caddie bike rack

The Caddie bike rack was made in Germany, and it is hanged on the wall. It was invented for cyclists who have high beliefs of quality, design, and practicality. With the use of Caddie bike rack, spaces are available for other use. The bike rack is equipped with mounting rails of high quality. Stainless steel is used in making the track, and it has a protective which prevents marks from the tire to be made on the wall.

 Advantages of Bike Caddie

  • It is made from stainless steel. Therefore, it is rust free and easy to clean.
  • It also helps in securing your bike as it is made from durable steel.

4. Trelixx bike rack

The Trelixx bike rack is also made and assembled in Germany. Its design is very great that it quickly catches the eye. Just like the others, it is space-saving, attached to the wall and prevents tire marks.

Advantages of LIXX:

  • It also saves space
  • It is very durable.
  • Suitability for all types of bikes.

Depending on how they are used, various bike racks has its advantage which may not be found in another. Hope the info on this post will help you find the right one for your bike. Happy hanging!