How to Choose the Right Custom Mountain Bike Company To Ship to Canada

When you’re looking to buy custom mountain bikes online, there can seem to be an overwhelming number of options. For that reason, Canadians looking to buy custom mountain bikes from the United States typically divide their options into one of two broad categories of sellers and go from there to see which ones offer the best shipping and packing options.

The first category, of course, includes the big mega shops that offer a mix of low costs and an overwhelming category selection. But if you’re looking for a true custom mountain bike experience, you probably want to consider the second big category of online retailers – the smaller custom shops that offer a good mix of selection, in addition to great customer service and an extremely knowledgeable sales team. In some cases, you can make a quick call from Canada and immediately start talking with a real expert in the U.S. on building and retrofitting mountain bikes.

One example of a shop that people love to buy from is Art’s Cyclery in California, a beloved bike shop that’s been around since 1982. [LINK:] First and most importantly, the company has an amazing selection of custom mountain bikes at reasonable prices from some of the most famous brands in the category – Marin, Pivot, Cannondale, Orbea, Santa Cruz and Specialized. That type of high-end selection should be your first criterion for choosing the right custom mountain bike company.

Secondly, the company offers a very knowledgeable sales team. When you call their main number, you’re not transferred to a call center in some foreign country – you’re talking to a real mountain bike professional who probably rides more than you do. So you can ask very detailed questions about the mountain bike you have in mind and how to customize it.

Thirdly, you want to make sure that the company you’re ordering from is known within the industry as a market leader that can make you a better bike rider. And you can’t go wrong with Art’s Cyclery – the company has an extraordinarily popular YouTube channel with more than 60,000 subscribers. Each week, the company releases new “how to” videos and has a great feature called “Ask a Mechanic,” where you can learn a lot about bicycle maintenance and how to care for bicycle parts. Plus, there are product overviews and a few videos with bike industry insiders. So this is a great educational resource for anyone wanting to buy a mountain bike.

Finally, Art’s Cyclery offers what every Canadian wants – discounted shipping to Canada! Yes, before you place an order, absolutely find out how much it costs to ship. Art’s Cyclery has plenty of experience shipping internationally – in fact, it’s one of the first things you see on the homepage of their website. And, for Canadians, they offer UPS Worldwide Super Shipping and USPS Express Mail through their partner. If you’re ordering parts and accessories (and not a whole bike), they offer one other huge bonus for Canadians – free shipping via UPS on orders over $250.

And there’re no worries about shipping from California to Canada – Art’s Cyclery has been doing this for decades. They know how to disassemble and assemble a bike, how to pad all the parts, and how to get it ready to ship anywhere in the world. So, if you’re a Canadian thinking about buying a mountain bike from the States – no worries! There are plenty of companies with great selections, an educated sales team, and plenty of experience shipping globally.