Burlington Resident Explains How To Stay in Shape by Hiking and Biking

By exercising just 30 minutes a day, four or five times a week, you can improve your health dramatically. The only problem is, for most people, even finding those 30 minutes a day can be a struggle, given the constant demands of family and work.

That’s what gave Sam McCall, a local Burlington resident and employee of the local auto glass shop – visit Auto Glass Repair Burlington, the idea of biking to work each day as a way of squeezing in those 30 minutes.

Before I started biking to work, my commute to the office took 30 minutes, but I’d be stuck in traffic for about half that time. That gave me the idea to use those 30 minutes in a more productive way,” says Sam. For the past six months, he has adapted the healthy habit of biking to work as a way of getting into better shape.

About six months ago, when I went in for my annual health checkup, my doctor told me I was 20-25 pounds overweight, and that I could be at-risk for future health problems like high blood pressure and even heart disease,” Sam points out. Without having to join a gym or sign up for a pricey personal trainer, biking to work represented an alternative solution that fit into Sam’s budget and schedule.

He says he’s already started to notice the results. “I feel sharper, and I feel like I have more energy ever since I started biking to work,” Sam points out. At the office, the trend of biking to work has begun to catch on, with two other colleagues now ditching their cars for their bikes. Like Sam, they were also both overweight, and looking for a 30-minute cardio workout they could do several times a week. Commuting to work via bike was just the right solution.

So what’s next for Sam? “Well, I’ve had so much success losing weight by biking to work that I’ve decided to hike in the nearby mountains every weekend as well

What he found is that there are many clearly marked trails in the mountains that enable Sam to calculate the mileage of any route very precisely. That has made it easier for Sam to make hiking part of his overall exercise regime, not just a fun pastime.

I used to go up to the mountains every year or so just to admire the beauty. Now I go up every weekend. I just feel so energized,” Sam explains.

And, indeed, what medical practitioners have found is that there is a direct correlation between physical health and medical health. A consistent cardio fitness program leads to mental alertness, as well as enhanced cognitive abilities

Leading a healthy lifestyle has made a real difference in how Sam now views the world. As Sam now points out, “It’s a tremendously empowering feeling to know that you’ve taken back your health” Starting at a baseline of just 30 minutes a day, Sam transformed an easy-to-follow schedule of biking and hiking into a cardio fitness routine that has helped him to lose weight, feel more confident, and exude more energy. 30 minutes a day, that’s all it takes.