Building a bike rack in your house for your high end mountain bike

Just pedaled back from your latest off road two-wheeled adventure? It’s time to park your mountain bike Don’t just kick out the stand and let it lean, give your bike its own special place with a custom rack.

If you live in a small apartment and want to increase your floor space, then a hanging rack is probably right for you. Maybe you have a family of cyclists and bikes are taking over the garage. You can’t even get your car inside. Hang ‘em up and put your car back where it belongs. Or, if space isn’t an issue, it may be more convenient to give each bike its own designated groove with a specially designed rack that sits on the floor.

If you need a place to park your mountain bike, whether on the wall or at ground level, here you’ll find out how to get the mountain bike rack that’s just right for you. And, best of all, you don’t even have to do it yourself — there’s a local handyman around the corner who is ready to help

Hanging Racks

Hanging racks are best for the biker who has limited space There’s two options: hang on the wall or hang from the ceiling. What you choose is both a matter of preference and dependent upon the layout of your home or apartment.

A wall rack makes it easier to get your bike up and down, but if you have multiple bikes and not enough space on the wall, a ceiling rack could be the way to go.

Whatever you do, don’t just screw a hook into the drywall. You’ll want to find a wooden stud to keep the bike secure. Or, if you want to fasten your rack to concrete or masonry, a special drill bit will be required to get your rack securely attached to the surface.

Don’t have the tools or skill to do it yourself? No worries, there is a skilled expert available to help you put it up.

Floor Racks

If you have enough extra space, it’ll probably be easier to just leave your bike at ground level so there’s no lifting involved. You’ll want a rack that sits on the floor — you can simply push the front tire into a groove that’s just the right width.

If you use the kickstand your bike stands at an angle — it’ll take up more surface area than if you have it upright. With family of mountain bikes, or even just a couple, you’re going to end up with a crowded mess. A floor rack will keep your bikes standing up straight and organized.

If you’re renting your home and don’t want to damage the floor, or if you want to be able to easily move your rack, then a free-standing rack is the way to go. On the other hand, if you know exactly where in your home you’ll want your mountain bike to live long-term, then you might want to have a steadier solution with a rack that’s fastened to the floor.

Whatever kind of rack you need there is a professional ready to consult with you and build just the right mountain bike rack for you.

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